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Title of the programme: UNICA Masters in European History

The School of History of Dublin University college is committed to promoting the understanding and study of European history in a comparative and transnational framework. The School of History plays a leading role in the centenary debates about the Irish revolution between 1913 and 1923. Staff in the School present the Irish experiences within a broader European and global context of war and revolution.


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Dr. William Mulligan

School of History


Programme Structure:

The MA in European History is a two year taught graduate programme, divided over four semesters. In each semester, students take 30 credits (ECTS) of modules. Students have the opportunity to spend up to two semesters at our partner universities and write a dissertation on a topic of their choosing.

As the largest history department on the island of Ireland, UCD has a particular focus on Irish history. Expertise in Irish history is complemented by strengths in modern European history, early modern history, the medieval history of western and southern Europe, the history of the Middle East, and American history. UCD is also home to an important archive of Irish history in a global context that offers opportunities for innovative research for grraduate students.

  • Year 1, Semester 1:  Study at UCD, including the introductory 10 credit module, plus two other modules;
  • Year 1, Semester 2: Continue to study at UCD, taking three modules; or study at one of our partner universities, taking 30 ECTS;
  • Year 2, Semester 1: Spend the semester at one of our partner universities, taking 30 ECTS;
  • Year 2, Semester 2: Return to UCD to complete the programme by writing a dissertation on a topic of your choosing.

Semester to be spent abroad

Each partner university has its own regulations and timetables for applying. Professor William Mulligan, the programme coordinator at UCD, will meet with you early in the first semester to ensure that you are aware of the options, regulations, and deadlines for applying.

Application to the MA in European History at UCD:

You need:

  • A primary degree in History or a cognate subject
  • English as your first language or an IELTS 6.5, with no band lower than 6.

UCD has an online application system:

Application to spend a semester at UCD

Students, who wish to spend a semester at UCD, should arrange for the coordinator in their home university to write a letter of application. This should be sent to the Incoming ERASMUS office at UCD (, and the School of History ( should be copied in. The deadline for students planning to come in the first semester (September – December) is the last working day of March (e.g. March 2021 for September 2021); and for students planning on coming in the second semester (January – May), the deadline is the last working day of October.


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